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Why Joomla? Great Question.

why-joomlaBelow are just some of the point discussed which will help you in understanding why joomla is good choice for your website or web application. These are non technical reasons for understand why one should choose joomla as there content management system.

If you are looking for technical reasons then you can visit "Advantage of Joomla CMS" But before jumping to technical reasons of why joomla, I recommend you to read the below point to make things more clear from non technical point of view.

joomla-is-open-sourceJoomla is Open Source

First  and most important thing is Joomla is Open Source. What dose that mean to a non technical person. What is open source or how it will help anyone? Open Source means the code is not encrypted and you don't have to pay for the software. The most used closed source software is Windows Operating System. You cannot see the source of windows operating system and cannot modify it to your needs. Joomla is open source that means you can see the code, modify it to your needs.

joomla-is-freeJoomla is Free:

Yes!!! Its free. In today's world where you have to pay for every thing, the best open source content management system Joomla is Free. You don't have to pay for downloading joomla. You don't have to pay for installing joomla. You don't have to pay monthly subscription for using joomla as CMS for your website. Its absolutely free and will remain free.


joomla-is-popularJoomla is most popularity content management system:

In general its always good to use popular software, as they are well tested and developed with good future plans in mind. Joomla is very popular and is used by millions of website today. This makes it easy to find programmers, developers very easily across the world. It also brings down the cost of development custom code as many programmers know how to code and there is competition which brings the development cost down. Imagine if there are only few resources available how much they will charge!!! 

joomla-well-documentedGood Documentation and Well Planned:

Joomla is community driven project. 1000s of contributors (programmers, developers, designers, testers) contribute to joomla project voluntarily every day. Which makes it real huge project with lots of documentation and finding solution to a problem is even easier. In face if you are facing any problem in your joomla website there are good changes that some problem is already faced by one one and have also posted the solution for the same online. One of the best place to find solution to your joomla problem is the Joomla Official Forum. This also reduce your running cost as the solution is readily available for free on the forum.

plugins-addonsVery Huge 3rd Party Plugins and Addons:

Joomla is extensible and you can easily install new addons. Addons are just a peace of code in zip format which you can readily install using joomla inbuilt installer. By intalling new addons you add new functionality to your website easily. The best place to get new addons is Joomla Official Extension Directory. Most of the extensions are open source and are free to use. There are even some commercial addons which are not free, you have to pay small amount to buy them but its worth the money and ofcourse its going to less costly compared to getting it developed from scratch for your need.

custom-coding-fast-cheapCustom Development is cheap and fast:

Most of the time there are good changes that you find the extension readily available for the functionality which you want to develop for your website. You just have to take efforts to search the addon and install it on your website. If your functionality is really unique to your business needs, you can get it developed from some coder. As there is huge number of development community involved in joomla, You can get cheap resources readily available. Which makes the custom development cheap and fast. Service providers like us ( HTML to Joomla ) can help you in bringing your business ideas to life using Joomla CMS.

secure-safe-joomlaSafe and Secure:

Most important factor for online business today is security. Hackers keep finding new ways of hacking the website/code and once your website is hacked your are doomed. The only solution to this problem is keep updating your code base to make it more safe. Joomla community is very active and has predefined road map. Frequent update and security patch are released. Joomla Bug Squad team release joomla security release version, when there is any vulerability found in the current version. Joomla Bug Suad makes sure that the latest version of joomla is most secured and there is no bug or security hole in it.


Hope above discussed point have clear any dought about why you should choose joomla as your content management system for your website. If you are still finding it difficult then you can just email me or just post your comment below. I will do my best to make things more clear.