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If you are the webmaster or owner of static website then its time that you convert your static website to joomla cms.

The online world has changed in last few years. Most of the website were static about 3 to 4 years back. But to keep pace with the current cut throat competition, there is need to convert your static website to joomla cms.

There are lots of advantages and functionality which your website deserver, so that you can get better return on your investment.

Why you should convert your static website to joomla?

Basically there are countless reasons for converting your static website to joomla. Some of the important reasons are, that can to update your website with new content yourself, update products information, add update images gallery, update contact us details and last but not the least is to make your website more interactive.

Even search engines reward website with fresh and original content. So it’s very important that you update you content pages regularly.
To increase your visitor loyalty and make them coming back to your website, you will have to make your website more interactive by implementing functionality like social networking, groups, comments, forum, live chat, feedback forms, ratings, latest article, latest news, rss , ability to change the design easily and many such features.

Static Website to Joomla ConversionJoomla is database driven content management system, that means all the data including content is stored in database. This makes it easy to backup your website just by exporting the database and saving it at safe place. Database driven websites are more scalable and manageable then plain html static website.

How we can help you in converting your static website to Joomla:

We are into this field of converting static website to joomla from last 4 years. We have successfully converted old static website to make it more interactive and advance.
You just have to provide us with the link to your current website and if possible backup files of your current website.

We will develop new dynamic joomla website and give you demo on our server. Where you can explore all the features and content pages.
We will also provide you access to our demo server so that you can explore and get used to the new system.
After your review, feedback we will make the correction if any and then will upload the new joomla dynamic website to your server.

As all the development work is done on our demo server there is virtually no down time. In fact your website visitors will not even realize that they are visiting the new joomla website. But we are sure they will like the new features.

This way we will convert your static website to joomla cms.
We will also provide you joomla training session to make you feel more comfortable with the new joomla cms.
Also we provide 1 month free support for all our clients. We are available on phone, email and chat to assist you in any problem or queries you face with the new dynamic website.

Please Note:

We will provide you complete 100% working dynamic content management system website once the project is completed. This includes migration of all the static pages, forms, images, design to new dynamic joomla website. Please share the link of your website so that we can send you exact estimate and time frame for the conversion of your static website to joomla

Our services are paid services and we charge only for the time we spend on converting your static website to joomla. Please fill in this form to Get Free Quote.