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We are into HMLT to Joomla conversion services from last 4 years and have converted 1000s of old style html, php website to awesome advance joomla website.
We are amongst the best in the industry when any one wants to convert their html to joomla

Expert Joomla Design Team for converting html to joomla:

We have expert team of joomla template developers who will manually convert your html website to joomla cms. This way you get the best joomla website which is extensible and easily manageable.

Our Goal:

Our goal is to make your old website come to life by making it more interactive , easy to update and search engine friendly. We not only convert your website to joomla but also implement best features which will add more value to your website. We install components to make your website more search ending friendly and interactive.

HTML to Joomla Services:

HTML to Joomla conversion is specialized service in which we take care many things which will add more value to your existing website which you have decided to convert to joomla cms. Some of the important factors we take care of when converting your website to joomla are outlined below. Feel free to ask us any questions if any thing is not clear and you need more details.

1. Branding: The current html website branding, look and feel remains exactly the same.

Some advantages of keeping the same look and feel are :

As your website is in existence from years and you have count less number of loyal visitor, which are kind of use to your website branding, color combination, layout. Not disturbing the current looks can be advantage when your brand is well establish. But it is very important to keep in pace with technology, implement new technologies and new features on your website so that you can keep  your old users engage and attract new visitors. The best way to achieve this is to convert your website to joomla cms by keeping the your look and feel same. New advance interactive features and improved user experience will increase the time spent by visitors on your website.

By converting your website to Joomla CMS and keeping the same look, can keep your old users engaged and they will feel comfortable while navigating across the site.
When we implement advance features to engage the new users your bounce rate will dramatically do down and website visitors will browse through various pages.
This way your chances of selling your products and services increases.

Some times we recommend our clients to keep the logo, color etc. same and just change the layout to accommodate more content and information. This way your website will get the new makeover without disturbing the brand image. It also possible to implement completely new look and feel.

2. Making the navigation more easy and fun:

When we convert your website to Joomla, we try to make your navigation better and more easy.
Joomla CMS allow you to add new pages and link menu items to these newly created pages. Adding new menu iteams is just a click away in joomla.

If your old html website dose not have drop down menu then we will implement the same in your joomla website. If your html website menu was not properly coded using html tags ul and li then we make the new menu in joomla using html tags ul and li so that search engines can understand the structure of menu and sub menu easily.

Some times its good idea to have relevant sub menu on left or right column of the website. We can do this easily using joomla menu module.
We not only convert your website to joomla but make 100% sure that its easy to navigate for uses and easy to index for search engines.

3. Dynamic Forms
All sites have some kind of form which users can fill in and this way lead is generated or communication is established with website visitors. We provide form which can establish Strong communication link between you and your clients. The fields in your form are also changeable and you can add new fields.

When we convert your website to joomla, we implement all the forms which are manageable from backend. That is you can add new fields your self any time. This way you get more control on what information you are asking to fill in and chance this fields as per your business needs.

4. Search Engine Ranking and Website Onpage Optimization:
The most common question when converting old website to joomla website is, will my search engine ranking remain untouched?
The answer to this is yes, of-course.

When we are converting any old html, php or any other technology website to joomla, we take at most care that your search engine ranking will not get affected. This way your online business will not get affected at all and your keyword rankings will be affected.

When we migrate content from your old website to Joomla CMS we also copy title, meta description and meta keyword, links, images.
We also make your new Joomla website urls search engine friendly. If the old url and new url are different then we use 301 permanent redirect from old url to new url. This way search engines know that the old page url is changed and users will not see 404 page.

5. Interactive Joomla Website:
The main advantage of converting your website to joomla cms is adding new functionality in the form of components, modules and plugins. When you have joomla website you can easily install new components/functionality which are freely or commercially available. This way you can make your website interactive and engage your users.

Converting your existing website to joomla website is the most vise decision any one can take for his old website.
You can Click Here to send us information of your website which you would like to convert to joomla cms.

If you still have any questions and not sure of why you should convert html to joomla, just Click Here to send us your email id and we will try to explain you more in detail.