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Step 1: Click on the below "Pay Now" button


Below are detailed instructions on what you must do when you are on the paypal payment page.
You can pay using credit card, debit card or if you have paypal account already you can login and pay using your paypal account.

Step 2: Update the amount on the paypal page which you want to pay.

By default the amount is not filled in, you will have to put the amount and click on "Update Total". Do not worry if you have not put the amount then it will ask you to do the same.
Check the below screen shot:

Update the Amount on Paypal Payment Page

Step 3: You can make payment in two different ways.

First way of making payment is using credit card. For making payment using credit card please see the below screenshot. There is small link "Continue" at the bottom right just click that.


Second way is using paypal account, make sure you have paypal account and have funds in paypal account for successful payment.


Click on the below "Pay Now" button to make payment if you have missed the "Pay Now" button which is on top.



If you are facing problem in making payment let us know. We try to guide you for the same. You can call us at USA: +1-213-674-4888 or Contact us here.