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How to Select Joomla Developer




This is the questions every client encounter when they want to build their Joomla website. Finding a Good Joomla Developer needs you to have some knowledge of what the developer must know.

Answer to this question is not simple, as the good  Joomla developer must have expertise in multiple technologies like of course Joomla, various Joomla template framework , readymade extensions, HTML CSS, Photoshop and Design Skills, SEO for Joomla, Security. Apart from this he must have proven track record of good user-friendly Joomla websites.


Below are some of the point clients should look for when selecting their next Joomla developer / designer.


1. Ask for which Joomla Version Developer is using for development:

Joomla is very secure and robust. What makes Joomla secure is frequent version updates from the Joomla community. For example Joomla 2.5 has 100s of features which are not present in Joomla 1.5. Always make sure the joomla developer is using latest joomla version for development. Ask the developer which is the latest Joomla version. You can find about the latest version on Also ask for work samples joomla developer have developed or worked on using the latest version of joomla

2. Extensions Joomla Developer is familiar with:

What makes joomla right choice for many websites and web application is the availability of readymade extensions. There are 7000+ extensions which can be used almost for any kind of functionality which you want in your website. So its very important that the developer knows and is familiar with the extensions which you will need. For example if you are want ecommerce website developed then ask the joomla developer if he is familiar with Virtuemart, Tienda and other ecommerce extensions. Again do not forget to ask for working examples.

3. Joomla Template Framework Developer knows or have worked on:

Using readymade joomla template from various template providers like JoomlaArt, JoomlaShine, RocketTheme, YooTheme, TemplateMoster reduces the development time and also gives you starting point for your joomla website. So make sure that the joomla developer has good experience in these joomla template frameworks. These frameworks have different coding and API which makes it difficult for new bee to make changes in it.

4. How much expertise the joomla developer have in HTML/CSS:

Major work when developing joomla website goes in HTML and CSS. Even if you agree to use readymade joomla template, without proper HTML and CSS skills the joomla developer will not be able to meet your needs. Also bad HTML/CSS will make your website cluttered and will not look good on some available browsers.

5. Photoshop and Design Skills:

If you have provide the design or layout Joomla designer should be in position to convert the design to working Joomla template. This requires Photoshop skills like slicing, optimizing the images, making changes to design etc.

5. SEO for Joomla:

What’s the use if you have good looking website with no visitors!! Getting good ranking on relevant keywords on major search engines is must in todays world. There are specific needs and skills needed for making your joomla website SEO friendly. Ask for questions like "What you will do to make my joomla website SEO friendly". "Which extension you will install for SEO" Extensions like sh404SEF, JoomSEF, AcecSEF are good for making joomla urls and website more SEO friendly. Using some extension you can even change the page title and html to make the website more SEO friendly. Sitemap creation and submission is important for making sure that all the pages are getting crawled. Xmap is good extension for generating HTML and XML sitemap.

6. Security For joomla:

One of the most important thing one should take care of when developing website using joomla is security. If the version is outdated then there are good chances of your website getting hacked. As 100% secure site is just an illusion, backup is also important when something goes wrong. There are extensions like Akeeba Backup, Admin Tool which are must for every joomla website. Also maintaining proper file permission is also important. Ask for it if the joomla developer knows about these extensions.

Last but not the least your next joomla developer must have good portfolio of joomla websites.